Nordson 280 Disposable Plastic Turbo (Square) Bell Static Mixer

Series 280 Mixers

Nordson Series 280 Turbo Mixer™ square geometry provides superior mixing, allowing the operator to be closer to the application, and reducing the retained waste within the mixer. Both the elements and housing of the nozzle are made with polypropylene. Two outlets are available: short barb and a special conical ribbed outlet and extension. The optional “hanging bracket” attaches Series 280 static mixers to Nordson ’s Cartridge Systems. The double-looped form snaps onto the 11.2mm nozzle’s unique ribs and over the neck of a cartridge creating a durable attachment. All Series 280 mixing nozzles have a 7/8 - 9 Integral Nut.

Part Old # Elements ID inch ID mm Length inch Length cm
Nordson 7701816 TAH (280AN-220) 20 0.44 11.2 7.52 19.1
Nordson 7701818 TAH (280AN-226) 26 0.442 11.2 9 22.9
Nordson 7701819 TAH (280N-220-1) 20 0.442 11.2 9.98 25.3

Nordson (TAH) static mixers are used for mixing epoxy, silicone, acrylic, methacrylate, polyurethane, polysulfide and other adhesives as well as sealants and coatings. Typical applications include: electronics, communications, aerospace, automotive, aircraft assembly, wind turbine assembly and repair, home building, construction, concrete repair and many others.

10 nordson efd series 280 square turbo bell static mixer nozzle



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